Thursday, December 16, 2010

Spirit Week and An Ugly Christmas Sweater

It's Spirit Week at Hauser High School this week. Lumpkin is on the JV Cheer Squad. Each day has a different theme. Today was Ugly Christmas Sweater Day.
Of course, we have no such animal in our home. I made a couple of trips to thrift stores, no luck. I didn't want to try and find one to buy, so... a trip to Goodwill and ta-da!!! A plain red cardigan (Grandma sweater in Lumpkin Speak) and a visit to Hobby Lobby, then home to spend the evening getting the Spirit Day sweater into Christmas mode. After all, we can't have Lumpkin not participating in Spirit Day!

Sweater before the bad elf began...

A sparkly plaid Christmas flower!

Christmas Tree with fuzzy ornaments and jingle bells between the buttons...
A scary candy cane, holly leaves with berries and some sparkly pom poms later...
A Christmas sweater worthy of a 16 year old's greatest fashion nightmares!!! ;)

P.S. 5 inches of snow later, SNOW DAY! School was cancelled.


  1. Thanks for the comment! FAshion??? You would think we have no idea of what is fashionable, right? I love my kids but sometimes have to laugh when they act as if I just came out from underneath a rock! I mean its not like this is the first time I've seen these "fashions". Right? Cute sweater, by the way! :) Gotta have something festive, right?!

  2. I know. The older she gets, the less I seem to know. Makes me understand and appreciate my Mom a LOT more! ;) I know she's looking down and saying "Paybacks, Devonay!"