Saturday, June 2, 2012

A Post From Your Long-Lost Blogger!

Hello My Bloggie Friends!!!

I know I've been gone for a while!  I've been so incredibly busy with my new venture...

Skinny Body Care is truly changing my life!  I'm losing weight, managing an online weight loss support group and running a successful work from home business!   Please email me at or visit my website at

I'm taking a short break from all that today and visiting my creative side.  I've signed up for the monthly kits at Scarlet Lime by Christy Tomlinson... I absolutely LOVE her work and especially her She Art!  I even made one myself...

How have you been, my friends?  And what are your plans for the Summer?  Mine are still up in the air... My Little Lumpkin turns 18 this month and is considering a move to Colorado.  As for me, I am planning a little traveling and due to my newfound freedom with my work from anywhere with wi-fi business,  I will probably spend at least one week per month where ever my baby decides to live.