Saturday, October 8, 2011

There's No Gym...

 As promised, I'm sharing a little update on the progress of the new business.  I'm offering a drop-off laundry service aimed at the soldiers of Camp Atterbury.  Right now, I've finished painting my office and I'm working on the desk.  The phone and internet are hooked up and I'm open for business.The building itself is still an ongoing project.  My motto for the laundry service is "We do it so you don't have to!"

 My plan is to eventually add a couple of tanning beds to the mix.  I am going to continue offering spray tans, I've just decided gas is too expensive to continue with the mobile tans.

Besides the fact that I'm going to practically be living here until I get it off the ground, the positives totally outweigh the negatives.  I'm a very happy girl!

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