Thursday, November 3, 2011

Not Mechanically Inclined

 I've run out of extra cash in getting my new business ready.  Can't spend any more until I make some... BUT, speaking of butts, I had to have a comfy chair since I'm here at the laundromat for hours on end.  

I was so excited, the chair that I like, which just happens to be red, was on sale at Staples!  Not only that, when I got to the register, it was an additional 25% off on clearance!!!  Yay me!!!

Here's where the dilemma ensues... I have never been much of a handy-man (woman).  The chair was not the display model, but a lovely, brand-new chair, in pieces, in a box!  I brought the box into the laundromat this morning and looked at it for a couple of hours until I decided that wasn't going to get my butt in it.  Approximately 30 minutes later, Voila'!!!  (a personal peeve of mine... learn to spell that word, fellow bloggers!)  My new chair is in one piece and I'm sitting in it!

 Now, do I need LOTS more color in this newly-painted office?  YES, I DO!!!



  1. this cracked me up! i love voila! it cracks me up when people go "wa la!" or viola. viola reminds me of that show, with mamma..vicki you know it? there's a guy named bubba?

  2. Ha! This is Indiana! Of course I know it!!! I'm not the best with all of my punctuation, but I really try to spell correctly. I'm glad you laughed!

  3. Congrats on getting that chair put together. It's pretty. How's the business going?

  4. Thanks! Sorry for the delay! I moved and started a new job. Sadly, I had to close shop. Not enough customers to justify the rent.