Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Hoarders Wannabe?

I have officially been in the new house for a little over one month and have yet to be completely organized.  My friend mentions his opinion that I'm a hoarder every time he comes over and I still haven't put things away.  I deny it vehemently.   So I got busy this afternoon.  I've been sorting, unpacking, pitching and getting stuff ready for Goodwill.  There still may be a problem.  This house only has two small closets and one belongs to Lumpkin.  I can't throw away or give away my craft stuff... I need it!  

This leads to the other items, sentimental things... what do you keep and what do you get rid of?  It's tough.  I try to tell myself that it doesn't matter and that if it were all gone tomorrow, what would I truly miss?  That line of thinking has really been helping me and I've gotten a lot accomplished.  I'm seeing more and more of my bedroom floor every hour!


  1. Hi there! New MBC follower:) Love your blog! I was a single mom for four years it made me who I am:) Thanks!

  2. good luck with your sorting and purging! it's so stinking hard to get rid of stuff...and then i just keep buying more!

  3. Craft stuff is the toughest to purge because you might need it for "someday."
    p.s. When you're done with your bedroom, I have an office (paperwork is my hoarding problem)

  4. Actually, the craft stuff is easy... I keep it all! I'm still going through stuff and listing on ebay and giving to Goodwill.