Monday, March 26, 2012

Wow... I've been busy!!!

I'm so sorry Bloggie friends!  I've been so busy that I didn't realize how long I've been away!!!  The good news is I'm down 10 pounds... not sure how many inches because I failed to do "before" measurements, but I'm thrilled with my progress so far!  Skinny Fiber surpasses my expectations every day.  It's not just that I'm losing weight, but it has also helped tremendously with my Irritable Bowel Syndrome!  That's HUGE!!! 

If you're looking for help with your health and weight, check out this link 

The other amazing thing is that not only is my health improving and I'm losing weight, but I'm making money helping people just like me and that's the best part of all!  For an overview of the business...

I've also begun a weight loss support group on facebook.  I had no idea that I'd be doing anything like this, but I LOVE it!  We welcome everyone!  You don't have to be on Skinny Fiber to be a part of the group.  Here is the link:

Devonay's Skinny Friends

Hope to see you there soon!

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