Friday, August 22, 2014

Hey! Remember me?

My life has been such a whirlwind the last few years!  Sooo many changes!  I'm not even sure where to start!  I guess we'll start with me changing the name of my blog from Lumpkin and Me to August Lane Studio.  My Lumpkin (Lindsay) is now 20 and has her own social life and I am busy with my new business.  August Lane Studio is the name I gave to my art/craftsy work that I do for fun.  The name of my new store is Rustic Sisters.  I opened the store in April of this year and my baby sister works for me full-time.

The first pic is our storefront, the second is Me and Lindsay, the third is my middle sister Tam, and her family, and the last pic is our baby sister, Desiree and her boys.

I've worked from home for the last two years and LOVE it.  The store has always been a dream and we are loving every minute!

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