Friday, November 27, 2009

I miss you dork

Dear Mom,
Another Thanksgiving has come and gone without you.
How I wish you'd been there with us. Guess what? I
didn't cry this time! I still miss you every day...

You're never far from my thoughts.
Love you ten times!!!


  1. What a heartfelt "note" to your mom! Thank you for coming by my blog and for your empathy...I know you know just how I feel!

  2. I miss my Mom every single solitary day. I got a new car last night - and how silly is this - I drove by her old house to "show" her. Just said as I drove by "Look Mom - you'd love this one!"
    She's been gone 11 years - almost 12 and sometimes it feels like yesterday, sometimes it feels like last week, sometimes it feels like forever. But it does get better. The hurt never leaves, the longing never leaves, the need never leaves, at least not yet, but - sometime - time worked a little.
    No time limits for grieving, and we always have our memories. Thank God for those.
    :) Hugs. Karen