Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bronzed Beauty Mobile Tans

So it occurs to me this evening while considering what to talk about, that
I have failed to share my new business with you. Bronzed Beauty Mobile Tans.

I had never heard of mobile spray tans, but found out about it on another blog. (Can't remember which one right now...) I looked into it, ordered the equipment and nervously started my fledgling business.
I wasn't sure how it would turn out, so I practiced on my daughter and myself before beginning on paying customers.

Due to having a full-time job and being a Mom, I'm a little slow getting started, but I'm still so excited about it, and so far... my customers are giving me rave reviews. I'm working on advertising and a website, but for now, it's word of mouth.

It's a little hard to tell because the flash on my camera is so bright, but my profile pic was taken after my first tan. Keep in mind that I stay VERY pale. I was very happy with it. Everyone is always so surprised how natural the tans look. None of that orange stuff like you can get from conventional spray tans. Airbrush Tanning is the way to go!!! So if you're in central/southern Indiana, get in touch with me! Would be willing to make weekend trips for tanning parties!


  1. wow, what a fun business. that takes guts to put money out for something, i'm too intimidated and pessimistic to do anything like that!

    i can't believe how many people said they don't have problems with squirrels! i need to live where you all do, lol. have a great weekend!

  2. It really is! I so enjoy it. It is very satisfying seeing the smiles on my customer's faces. I really hope it takes off, it's so much fun!!! And for sure! Come on down to Indiana!