Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fabric Flowers and Other Thoughts

Over the time I've taken off from working on my blog, I worked on a couple of crafts
that I'd had in mind. I've also hit some yard sales and plan on repurposing some
items. Here are two of my latest projects.

The pink flower below is my favorite. I love the frayed edges. In its former life, it was a pillowcase. I got it for 25 cents at my neighbor's yard sale! And there are a dozen or so left to make! What a bargain. Most of the buttons I used were vintage (just plain old) and a few were purchase several years ago at Hobby Lobby.

I had some spare time a couple of weeks ago in the evenings and wanted to give it a shot. I'd seen various tutorials on some of my favorite blogs, and thought "I can do this!"

This portrays a reminder to myself... get some gloves before you use super glue again!!! That stuff stays on your fingers forever! Ok, maybe a few hours, but it felt like forever. I made these clothespin magnets last year at Christmas, but didn't like the original magnets I used. This time I use a stronger magnet. Big improvement!

I'm considering opening an etsy store. Any fellow bloggers with one? I'd love some input!

The flower below just happened to match perfectly with my zip-up hoodie.

The blue/maroon flower was my first attempt. It came out a little crooked, but I still love the way the buttons looked on it. My daughter said the fabric looked "grandma-ish". I'm going for vintage/retro - so I'm not offended.

Stay tuned! I have some weekend projects planned!


  1. Hi!!! It's so nice to meet you! And I love your project!!
    I hope you'll link it up to my Creative Spirit Challenge going on!

  2. Thanks Cindy! I have a different one that I may add. I've never linked up before... I'll have to work on that!

  3. Oh, Devonay I'm so glad you linked this up!!! It is adorable and I'm sure people will love to see it!

  4. Thank you!! You are so nice!! I can't wait to see all of the entries!

  5. Great job on the flowers! Love the "grandma-ish" comment and your spin! The glass is almost always half-full here, too!

  6. loving the flowers, and your daughter is adorable. is she wearing one of your flowers in her hair?

    thanks so much for stopping by the cape on the corner, and good luck on my birthday giveaway! the cake and gifts your mom made are surely special. how wonderful.

  7. Thanks! She's actually wearing a live flower, but I do use her once in a while as a model for my work. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such a wonderful comment!