Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Not The Mother's Day I Had Planned

I didn't feel well on Mother's Day. I didn't feel right when I woke up and the symptoms became worse throughout the day. I was still feeling chest pressure, back pain and difficulty breathing close to bedtime, so I called my sister and asked her to pick me up.

Two days later... I have a hospital bill (the good news is, the tests came back great) and I'm waiting to get my car back. It has been in the shop for a new transmission. When it rains, it pours. I'm trying to keep a brave face, but it's difficult. I was just starting to see a little light at the end of the tunnel.

I'm turning to you, my blog friends, for some kind words of encouragement. I hope your Mother's Day was spectacular!


  1. I agree that when it rains it pours, I'm definately soaking at this point in my life. But, everyday is a new day and sometimes you have to deal with the "crap" in order to get to the amazing things that we live our lives for! I hope you feel better soon, girl! :)

  2. So glad to hear that everything is a-ok. After rain comes a rainbow :) XOL