Sunday, May 15, 2011


Lumpkin and I are moving again. This makes four times in two years. All told, well over forty moves for me since the age of eighteen. Just when I'm feeling like the worst Mom in the world, Lindsay says "I can't wait to move! It's exciting every time!" What a kid! As much as we love our good friend Hasseman, it's just not working out. Living together is tough and I don't want our friendship to suffer. He was in a bind, we were in a bind, and thought we could pool resources. Losing the job I had and being unemployed for two months made a bad financial situation worse. Then take into account a new, lower-paying job, longer commute and new bills and something's gotta give. So we are moving back to the small town we were living in (ten minutes away) for cheaper rent, lower utilities and the privacy that we had living alone. Just wanted to give my blog friends the heads-up that I may be MIA while making the move. Thanks for understanding!


  1. oy! i am sure that moving is going to be a big hassle, but only 10 minutes away is a good thing. that's really nice that lumpkin sees it as an adventure, and i see it as a time to purge and have a yard sale! hang in there and take care. and i'm so glad nothing serious from your mother's day scare, eek! thinking of you!

  2. Im a mom who did this very thing with four I am glad to see that even in your circumstance you are still smiling.I will be back to check on you.

  3. Good luck in your new place and have fun moving! I just finished unpacking the last of our stuff!
    Sandra Evertson

  4. Oh my gosh, Devonay! I hope the move goes great! Come and visit when you get a chance!