Monday, January 2, 2012

Colorful Clothespin Magnets

This isn't a new craft.  It's all over blogland and I've actually made them before.  I guess I just forgot how time consuming it is.  I've noticed that others don't always do more than one step to decorate clothespins, but I like for the whole thing to look good.  I painted them first, then cut out the scrapbook paper and mod-podged them on.  Once dry, I added the magnets.

I made this latest group just before Christmas for my eBay store.  I made between 100-150.  I used some magnetic strip I had in my craft stash, but I prefer the stronger single magnets.  I have quite a few left, so I will probably put some in my etsy shop too.


  1. You must be so patient! I see these a lot too and I just think to myself how I would never have the patience to work with such a thin space (to cut or paint!)

  2. How funny because I made these several years ago for my niece but never posted about it. I painted the whole clothespin, laid several next to each other and then decoupaged a large butterfly across the top. When dry I cut the pins apart, added more decoupage, and magnets. She was able to put them side by side for the whole picture or her mom could use them individually. Either way they were really pretty! Yours are really, really cute!! Good job!!

  3. It's funny... I'm really not a patient person most of the time. But when it comes to crafts, I'm in my own little zone and the time just flies! Peggy, that's a great idea!