Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I bought the newest issue of Stampers' Sampler. It was the first time I've purchased it. I swear! I could buy every Stampington publication and never leave my chair. They have amazing artists and I so enjoy their work. Turns out, they put a template in each issue and challenge their readers to come up with creations to submit. Guess what I'm going to be doing the next couple of days? It has a deadline of January 15th, so time is a wasting!!!

Handcrafted also offers the work of amazing artists.


The cover project was not my favorite in this issue, but it had some really cool ideas inside.

And my most favorite of all. The magazine that began the love affair for me... Where Women Create. I salivate over each issue I get my hands on, and cry tears of sadness when I miss the newest issue. I dream of being one of those women with an amazing studio and the ability to create full time. If you're not currently reading any of these, pick one up! I know you'll love them too! If you can't find one at your favorite Hobby Lobby or JoAnn's, you can visit the Stampington website. They also offer lots of cool craft supplies. You'll thank me!


  1. Good luck on your creation...share with us if you can!

  2. Thanks Becky Jane! It is a work in progress.