Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Creative Classroom

I have been dabbling a lot more with my art and different crafts I've been wanting to try.  My favorite right now is mixed media.  I found My Creative Classroom and it happens that they were offering a class in it!

The first week's lesson is fabric collage.  Something I like, but it never seems to turn out the way I'd imagined.  I loved the instructor's example.  My project, not so much. It still feels like it's lacking something.  Oh well... I think I will try it again sometime when I have all of the supplies I want to use for it, instead of what I had handy.  Of course, I could be happy buying supplies every day!

If you get a chance, stop by My Creative Classroom.  They have a variety of interesting classes! 


  1. that's what happens to me-whever i want to craft something, i really have no tools to do so. thank goodness for my hoarding of scrapbook paper, it has served me well! i just made some fall bunting with it. and staples. i don't mind being totally ghetto!

    i very much enjoy your collage, what do you think it's lacking?

  2. Thanks!! I'm not sure... just seems plain to me. I guess I like a busier look!