Thursday, September 1, 2011

Stupid Fruit Flies!

It started out not being a huge deal, the lone fruit fly... THEN, it seemed he had one thousand friends that dropped in for Fruitflypalooza!  

I've been dealing with them for weeks.  No matter what I do, I can't seem to get rid of them.  I finally looked up solutions online and came up with one that just might work.  The only problem is, it involves using apple cider vinegar.  My apartment smells lovely right now.

As I type this, I'm about one hour into said experiment.  The bowl in the kitchen seems to have contained all the rascals in the immediate vicinity.  The bowl in the bathroom, not so much.  It has only claimed two victims.  The smell isn't doing much for my queasy tummy either.  I'll update you later.  Any suggestions?


  1. This is what we did: at night we put a cut up banana on a cookie sheet and placed it in the oven with the door open and the light on. We turned off the other lights in the kitchen. Within a couple of hours they will be swarming the banana. Then we slammed the oven door and turned on the oven to 400! It's very cathartic if you feel the same way about those little pests as I do!

  2. Here is a link to a post about the very same thing.... I have made ones like Kim says and they work great. The trick is making sure the paper funnel is secure at the top so that the fruit flies can NOT fly back out.

    Hope this helps you as much as it has helped us in the past.

  3. Thanks! I tried the apple cider vinegar trick a few times and finally resorted to adding a few of those disgusting and ugly fly strips. I am still seeing one or two stragglers since, so I will have to try one of those ideas!