Friday, February 18, 2011

Unique Feng Shui Shop

Unique Feng Shui Shop. Enjoy the convenience of twenty-four hour shopping. The Web site is a breeze to navigate and when you make a purchase online, you will receive up-to-the-minute product updates and special offers.

I can't think about Feng Shui without thinking of my Mom. It was a topic we'd discussed many times. My Dad laughed at her enthusiasm over it, but did not question her when she placed a tank of goldfish in his office. My Dad has had a successful business and I'm not sure he even noticed that when Mom passed away and he got rid of her carefully tended fish (placed for feng shui reasons) his business tapered off somewhat, but I did.

I won't go into a lengthy description of the reasons behind the goldfish, but if you have some time on your hands, check out a book at the library or do a little online reading. It's very interesting. I found this online store and decided to add their link to my blog. When you click on the item, it takes you to a more lengthy description of the items and what its Feng Shui properties are. Feeling a little nostalgic this week, thinking about my Mom.

Here is my affiliate link:

Unique Feng Shui Shop

Just click on the gold coins to enter website

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