Thursday, April 28, 2011

Change My Subject Matter?

I'm starting to feel like all I ever share with you is health issues. So, I will give you the latest anyway! lol I've had ankle pain and swelling for a couple of years. I just figured it was arthritis and my weight probably wasn't helping it. I sit all day at my job, so I was surprised by the way it was swelling and it hurt even more than usual.

I normally have slender ankles. (The only thin part of me!) ;)

I spoke with the doctor I work for and he referred me to our in-house podiatrist. I had x-rays two days ago and found out today that I have a quarter sized bone chip on my ankle from an old injury that healed. So now I get to have a fun cortisone shot, and if that doesn't work, then it's surgery. Yippee...

I posted on facebook that I AM IRON WOMAN... chip a bone and just keep going... Hey! It made ME laugh!!!


  1. OMGoodness... that is really swollen! It is a good thing that you work for a doctor that could make that referral for you.

  2. eek, oh no! i hope the shot is all you need, and not surgery, iron woman!