Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Funny Thing By The Door...

I've heard of Cat In The Hat and Jack in the Box, but this is ridiculous! ;) Hasseman has two cats, Princess and Lolly, so named when he rescued them from an uncertain fate. Their owners could no longer keep them and he took them in. Princess and Lolly are sisters. I like to think of Princess as the big sister. She is more mature, stately, and well, fluffy. She can't be bothered with silly pursuits. Lolly, on the other hand, is like the kid sister, wild, unruly, and tries to escape every time the door is open. Princess is the lady of the house, and let me tell you, Hasseman is her man! She really has very little to do with anyone else. Lolly is a bit more playful and not quite as picky about her playmates. They are beautiful cats. Now, if I can just get Lolly to sit still long enough for her photographic debut!


  1. what a sweet little thing! i want to see lolly, too!

  2. Cute!! I had a cat when I was younger, her name was princess kitty belle =)

  3. Thanks! They are Hassemans' cats, but we love them too. They are beautiful, curious and loving cats.