Monday, August 8, 2011

Art Journal Page - Sort Of

I've had a lot going on lately. For those of you that stopped by regularly, you probably noticed that I wasn't here anymore. I just kind of dropped off the map. At first, it wasn't intentional. Then it was. I just couldn't make myself open up to anyone anymore. I had to withdraw for a while. I was incredibly unhappy. So unhappy that I didn't even recognize it myself. I made a promise to myself after my Mom died that I wasn't going to keep making the same mistakes and spinning my wheels. Life is too short to work a dead-end job (that doesn't even pay the bills) and makes you crazy in the process. I find myself unemployed again, and guess what? Incredibly happy!!!!

So, while I'm recuperating from yesterday's injuries and searching for a job I can live with, I decided to pursue some different art techniques I'd been wanting to try.

Also, I thought, unintentional, was the symbolism in this first piece. The little saying isn't new, and certainly not mine, but I've loved it since I first saw it on Pinterest. My Sisters will understand the birds, the key, maybe the reddish hair... but the rest of it is all me.

To give you a little background, my Mom, (I talk about her a lot!) was very creative. I never thought I possessed that gene. We had art in school. We had the same art teacher from first grade through high school. We were not fond of each other. She certainly never led me to believe I had any sort of talent, and I had no desire to learn from her if I did. I took one art class in college. I was proud of the work I did there and kept it for years, but still, never really did anything else.

When I found blogs on the internet (cue the angels singing)... I thought I'd found my people! I've still struggled to find my niche. I still don't feel especially creative always, I'm not really a furniture painter, although I may do one or two pieces, but I've found a few friends and their blogs, some etsy shops, and ideas on Pinterest that gave me the smallest inkling that Hey!... I can do this too!!!!

I'm learning every day. There are so many ideas I want to try. So many techniques. Everything is so new to me! It's an adventure finding out how each product will work and what the end result will be. Even if I never do a thing with any of this but put it in a box and get it out and look at it once in a while, it is making me so happy! I think I finally understand the piles and piles of craft and art supplies that my Mom amassed while she was alive and I'm elated that now I'm working with those same brushes, hopefully with the same joy. I sure hope she's smiling down on me as I work.


  1. i'm sure your mom is thrilled that you've picked up her brushes-love that-what a special connection to her. if the art thing doesn't pan out, you could frame them or something...just a thought.

    i like the background on the painting, looks very texturey.

  2. Oh!!!... ha...NO! The art thing was totally for me!!! I have no delusions that it was anything other than playing around... it just made me happy!!!

  3. I know that your mom is smiling down on you. Hold on to that. When you feel unhappy, remember that she is there. Blessings Devonay.