Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I Love My Dog

Please don't judge me for the 80's mirrored/gold decorating statement above my pup's head... it came with the temporary apartment. Leia is sitting on my lap, shown at HIGH ALERT because it's storming, which sounds suspiciously like fireworks... and let me tell you, my friends, fireworks are no friend to this pooch!

If you read my Monday post, I mentioned the gay hilarity of slipping in the tub/shower and crashing out onto the floor. I am not still laughing. Yesterday was terrible. I hurt in places that I didn't even learn about in my Anatomy classes. A lot of that is gone today, but the spot on my back that I landed on continues to pain me in a major way. Going to the doctor in the morning, insured or not.

My loving little dog Leia hasn't left my lap this evening. It's kind of nice, considering the feeling of being oh... I don't know, chopped liver? I was looking forward to an unusual for us, an evening alone with my daughter (what was I thinking?), when her boyfriend called... oh, to be 17 again! I would have left too!!! But at least I have the little pupster here. And there is a curfew.

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  1. Hi Devonay--Oh you are so right--to be 17 again!! That was my favorite age of my whole life! I hope they had fun. And your pup is adorable. I know, it has been raining for the past 2 months here in New Orleans and the dog and cat are petrified of the lightening--so am I! LOL