Wednesday, August 17, 2011


The temporary apartment... we're now into our second month here. Still waiting for the house we're moving into to be completed. The remodeling seems to be taking forever. A friend asked me if they were building a completely new house. Some days it feels that way.

It's not that the view is bad. Although we only have windows on one side, they face the town square, which surrounds the park. It's a second floor apartment, so we have a bird's eye view.

But do you notice the road right out front here (through the chains holding the store sign?)....
Yes, that's right. A STATE ROAD... a highway. Coming from the country, I like things kind of quiet. While it's not horrible, the morning traffic... yuck. Both bedroom windows facing the street.

Happy news though. It's all worth it for the privacy of being in your own place and having central air!!!! Sometimes it's kind of fun when Lumpkin and I peer out the blinds and watch the comings and goings of our small town. Every event is held at the park on the square. It's tough to see the other side of the square due to the trees.

It's also kind of cool, because not a lot of people even know there's an apartment up here. The building is an old building. It is three stories (would love to see that third floor), there's only one other apartment, and the downstairs is a carpet store. On the outside of the building, near the roof, it reads Masonic Temple. I imagine this building has been here for a very long time. We live next to the funeral home and across the street on the opposite corner sits the Corner Cafe. A couple of doors down from our door is our favorite Mexican restaurant, El Jefe. The library is straight through the park on the other side of the square

I'm not gonna lie though. I don't think I'll miss this sign.


  1. i don't think i could look at a building the commands me to eat, lol, but i love how quaint it looks and sounds. i loooove watching the goings on of the neighborhood, too!

  2. Ha! Thanks for noticing! That cracks me up. That isn't the actual restaurant. It sits next to their parking lot. I think they own it and use it for storage. It cracks me up every time I see it. They do have the world's best ice cream there!

  3. Oh, I think your town looks warm and friendly!!! And a perfect place for "Lumpkin" to grow up!!! How are you doing? Really good, I hope!!!

  4. Oh goodness! Hang in there. :)