Monday, August 8, 2011

Here's Hoping For An Injury Free Monday

Had a huge day planned... Church in the morning, Family Reunion at Noon, and Community Night from 4:00-8:00pm on the Square in town. I let Lumpkin take her shower first, as she takes a little longer to get ready. I hopped in the shower, turned around to wet my hair to wash it... didn't even make it that far... not even a drop of water on the hair.

Next thing I knew, KABAM! Backwards, out of the tub, my upper thighs catching the top edge of the metal piece where there used to be a glass door instead of a shower curtain and almost head over heels, all of my weight, like a ton of bricks on the center of my upper back, landing on the floor. I hit so hard, it knocked all of the air out of me, I couldn't breathe, couldn't speak, couldn't move. Scared the crap out of my kid... she's crying, I'm moaning, unable to move, trying (in my little nurse head) to assess any possible horrible disfiguring injury, while I'm lying naked on the shower curtain.

Is she scarred for life? Actually one of the first thoughts in my mind, because you know this isn't a pretty picture. Am I going to be able to get up? Are there going to be emergency personnel in my bathroom seeing me naked? Of course, I probably know most of them... I'm finally able to squeak out,"It's ok, go on..." waving her out. "Ill be out in a minute."

By the time I drag myself to the bed, I'm chuckling in embarassment, trying to get her to laugh, instead of crying, but all I succeed in doing is making her mad because she's so upset. She truly did not know what to do. So tonight was Emergency 101... in the event of a true emergency, this is what you should do. I thought at 17 she knew... so my Bloggie friends, never assume... you might ask your kids what they would do if you were a big goober and fell out of the tub!

P.S. I think I'm Ok... just extremely sore. I also have some technicolor bruising on the backs of my thighs. Gonna give it another day or two on the back. I always manage to have some major fiasco when I am uninsured.

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  1. that sounds like quite a night. so glad to hear you're ok...i guess now your 17 year old knows what to do, lol?