Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Pay It Forward Gift From Michelle

If you read my post a last week about Pay It Forward, you might remember that I learned about it from Michelle of Petite Michelle Louise

I have recieved my gifts from Michelle!!! The package is so sweetly wrapped in pattern paper, and the gifts are lovely! Thoughtfully handmade and perfect for me!

I loved each little piece and couldn't wait to look inside the tempting package. There were also some little bird shapes cut from book print, but I forgot to take a picture. Very sweet!!!
Thank you Michelle!!!!

I have not made my Pay It Forward gifts yet. I hope to get a start this weekend. You may ask yourself what I'm doing inside on such a beautiful day... I am listing items that Lumpkin no longer treasures on ebay (and it takes forever!), but I do have Bob Seger playing on the stereo as I work in the sunroom with the sliding glass door open allowing the outside to come in. (The roommate's cats are loving me for it!) Hopefully, I will be able to fit a little creating in while the light is still so fabulous. Gotta run now. I have a quiche baking in the oven. Happy Weekend, my bloggie friends!!!!!


  1. That's so wonderful! I'm getting ready to send my pay if forward gift! I'll have to think about how I package it.

  2. so happy you love all of your petite tokens from my PIF party. it made me smile. i thank you for your very kind words. :)

  3. Awesome PIF you received. I haven't made mine yet.... mine will be done more like in the summer.

    Did you try the Gluber for making flowers?

  4. Not yet. I need to though. I've gotten a lot of interest on facebook and don't want to use the hot glue.